Install and use the CLI

Speed up developement with Cargo Load

In the First steps chapter we created an application by hand. For larger projects, it can be tedious to set up everything by yourself. That's why we have a solution: Cargo Load , the CLI for Cargo. Cargo Load provides helpful terminal commands for developing applications with Cargo and helps you saving time.



Cargo Load is not production ready. OPTIONS and COMMANDS might change in a future version. Use it with caution!

With Deno installed, you can simply run the following command in the terminal to install Cargo Load.

deno install

How to use

After successful installation your are able to use Cargo Load CLI with the following schema:


Options and commands

With Cargo Load CLI installed the following options and commands are available:

-h, --help Show information about how to use Cargo Load CLI
-V, --version Show the version of Cargo Load CLI
projectCreates a new project structure
upgradeUpgrade Cargo Load CLI executable to the lastest version