Welcome to Cargo

Cargo is a web application framework with the right abstraction of helpful features to build web applications with Deno. It gives you a starting point and structure for your projects, yet allows flexibility for different needs. You can focus on developing awesome projects without getting bogged down by the lower-level details.


Cargo can be used for different types of web applications, from a small 1-file application to a REST API to a full-stack web framework. Therefore it can be used and setup in various ways. To give developers an overview and orientation, we plan to create small guides for the different types of web applications.

Coming soon

Support us

Cargo is an open source project published under the MIT license. If you enjoy using Cargo you are welcome to support us. Here a list of different ways to contribute:

  • Test the framework and give us feedback to
  • Proofread the documentation (Repository will be public soon)
  • Submit your feature requests on
  • Contribute code to the project on